What SEO means for you as a local business

March 6, 2019     By: daniel wraasd

The internet is all about Local

As a local business, your search engine rankings are more important than ever. SEO isn’t just for digital properties anymore—local communities have grown exponentially over the past few years in the digital world from websites to mobile applications to totally saturating online communities with their content.

As social media began, the focus was less on business and more on the personal social level. Now, the opposite is true. Social media now is almost entirely business driven. You’ve got celebrities, influencers, fashion, brands, art, electronics and dozens and dozens of other industries saturating social media with their business. Yours should be one of them. While placing an ad in the local newspaper may have used to achieve your marketing goals, the technology and information age took that idea and ran with it.

Establishing Trust

Your business already has a strong physical presence but is its digital presence as strong? Most of the largest and most popular search engines have means of establishing authenticity and your website achieves a higher level of trust of credibility through proper and thorough SEO implementation.

There are many elements that go into establishing a good trust profile: the primary being quality backlinks and overall positive user interaction. Other websites and online communities that link back to your website, over time, build a positive foundation for your business profile. Examples of this would be other local business’ hyperlinking to your content, or links from your own Facebook (or other social media) profiles.

Saturated presence raises business profile

When it comes to your business, you kind of want to be everywhere. With the explosive increase in traffic from mobile devices and wireless internet availability, local searching has become a major part of local business’ success. By optimizing your website and online profiles to fit how your community works with businesses, you gain an edge on those seeking your market. Search engine ranking is a real, fluid, and dynamic system that is constantly changing and adapting to the evolving internet culture.

Analytics to shape your processes

When you can see how your users are interacting with your content online, you will begin to tailor your products and processes for making sales. It’s a known old trick: when the sales rack closest to the door makes the most sales, you put your best product there. By keeping track of user trends and actions across your communities, you can see where your business best performs online and adjust for that. Your business should definitely be enrolled in services like Google Business Listings, Google Analytics, and have reviews across multiple search engines.



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